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Our Process

The Process

We provide one-time landscape consultations or comprehensive landscape designs for either home or business owners on projects of all sizes, in any style suitable to your tastes and architectural needs.

Our Process

  1. Introductory planning session
  2. Schematic design proposal
  3. Schematic design sign-of
  4. Schematic design phase (2-4 weeks)
  5. Construction and permitting plan proposal, as required
  6. Construction and permitting plan execution
  7. Project execution bid
  8. Project execution phase
  9. Care instructions for your new yard
  10. Kick-off garden party!

Working With Us Is Simple



We pay an initial visit to your home to discuss your vision for the project, the goals you’d like us to accomplish, along with your budget and timeline. This will give us a clear idea of the work required so we can provide a comprehensive design plan that meets your needs.



There are two components to all of our designs: the Schematic Design, along with the requisite Construction and Permitting Plans. First, we come up with a proposal for the Schematic Design based on your requirements as outlined in the Planning Session. The Construction and Permitting Plans detail any necessary construction services, engineering services, and city permits, all of which are determined after the Schematic Design Phase is complete, along with the accompanying quote.



After submitting the Schematic Design Proposal, we wait for you to sign off on it and provide the design deposit before we begin designing in earnest!



In this stage, we put our expertise and creativity to work! First, we take precise measurements of your property and model it in AutoCAD, a handy 2D design software. Next, we use all of the requirements you laid out in the Planning Session as a blueprint to create a basic design outline. We then meet with you once again to discuss the outline so we can fine-tune it together to perfectly match your vision for the design, taking into account your budget, needs, and creative ideas. In the vast majority of our projects, the design we create following this meeting is right on target, needing only a few small tweaks to fulfill the client’s vision. That said, we are 100% committed to delivering the project of your dreams, so we welcome all of the feedback and revisions needed to get it exactly right. We recognize that some of our competitors feel it necessary to push their own design agenda and leave their personal stamp on every project. However, our only priority is to provide a design that works for YOU, as you will be the one to relish in its functionality well into the future. So please don’t be shy about making any adjustments you’d like during the design phase — we’re here to work for you. Finally, we add the finishing touches to your approved design outline in the form of landscaping particulars, lighting, and design finishes, using sample models to give you a clear idea of how it will all look.



With a clear description of the project, we can now detail any steps required to carry out the Schematic Design, in the form of Construction Plans, Structural Engineering, City Permits, or Homeowner Association Approval. In this stage, we present you with an accurate quote for these services awaiting your approval.

Here’s an example of projects that often require Construction and Permitting Plans:

  • Deck construction
  • Pergolas
  • BBQ patios
  • Water or fire features
  • Complex hardscaping



Now it’s time to put the construction and permitting plans into place. First, we finalize the comprehensive construction and engineering plans as outlined in the proposal. Then we submit any necessary permits to the City for approval. If you require approval from your HOA, we also help you get all of the necessary documents in order.



At this point, we can provide you with a precise quote to fully execute the project. It’s unfortunately common in our industry to cut corners by abbreviating the planning phase as much as possible. However, this often results in either an exaggerated quote to make up for the lack of preparation or a constant stream of change orders that send your original budget skyrocketing. We understand that a yard renovation can be a stressful undertaking; our goal is to make it as pain-free as possible for you by respecting your budget and timeline constraints. The careful planning we invest into the Schematic Design, Construction Plans and permitting gives us the most accurate and detailed information to keep costly surprises to a minimum. We let you know what to expect every step of the way and do everything in our power to adhere to our Project Execution Bid.



We are now ready to break ground and make your vision a reality. We manage every aspect of your project to make it as easy on you as possible. In pursuit of creating the yard of your dreams, we engage all the necessary contractors, keeping everyone on task and on budget from beginning to end. We adhere to the traditional standard of Architect as the master designer and overseer, bridging the gap between you as the homeowner and the many elements and contractors involved in your project. Our priority is to keep you informed at every turn, while closely managing all aspects of the yard renovation to relieve you of the stress and responsibility often placed on the homeowner during this eventful period. Because we’ve worked hand in hand with you from the beginning to fully understand your requirements for the project, we are in the best position to represent your vision and guide it to completion.



Congratulations on making your dream yard a reality! Your new outdoor space is bustling with life — and we provide you with detailed instructions to ensure its lasting prosperity into the future. We give you a comprehensive walk-through of how to care for your yard from season to season so that your investment continues to pay dividends in enjoyment of your outdoor sanctuary for years to come.



We did it! All that’s left to do is crack the champagne and invite your friends and family over to bask in the splendor of your new yard. Enjoy!

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